Yacht Rental Made Easy

The crisp air,Guest Posting sun shining on your shades, luscious sound of the waves and the sea breeze are a combination for a perfect retreat. Add to that the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the unique feeling of travelling across the oldest waterways in history; one can hardly resist such a temptation. If this is not the perfect getaway, imagine cruising through the sea on your own yacht through the deep blue waters of Mediterranean. This is where All4yachtcharter comes in.

All4yachtcharter is an Athens, Greece based operating firm that specializes in mega yacht rentals, luxury motor yacht rentals and sailing holidays. Licensed by The Greek National Tourism Organization and a member of Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association as well as the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association, All4yachtcharter provides a sailing experience unmatched in Eastern Europe. Customers who rent a yacht are provided with state-of-the-art IT technology and top quality service round the clock.

With a staff that possesses a range of experience and knowledge unparalleled, All4yachtcharter has a repository of all types of yachts which include motor yachts, catamarans, motor sailers, sailing yachts etc. The teams dedicated brokers, marketing agents, managers and specialists share a common passion for sailing. This unrivalled dedication is the reason why the company’s name comes on top when people search for “yacht rentals greece”

Some of the stunning yachts provided are:

M/Y POUARO, Falcon 90: Manufactured by Versilcraft, this Italian beauty has a width of 90feet. Elegant, royal, comfortable and fast, this is the hot favorite Yacht Rental Greece of VIP’s across the globe.

O’MEGA: With a length of 83meters, this Greek giant can accommodate more than 30 guests. It has an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, gymnasium, spa and parlor as well.

O’PATI: Built by Golden Yachts, this super yacht has a length of 40.00meters.With 5 guest rooms, it can accommodate up to 12 people. It has a maximum speed of 31 knots.

Apart from these bareboat yacht rentals are also provided to ensure the ultimate sailing experience. Catamarans Lagoon 500/450, motor sailers M/S Rota II, M/S Erato, M/S Hraklis L, sailing yachts Gitana, L’Aquila, Allure, luxury mega yachts RM Elegant, Mia Rama, Bella Stella are also made available by the firm for luxury sailing through Greek waters.

All4yachtcharter is an expert in arranging charters and cruises as well. The main cruising areas are the Cykaldes islands, the Dodekanese, the Sporades Islands and the Ionian Islands. Some of the famous cruises are yacht charter mykonos, cruise from Athens to Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Zakynthos and islands on the East Mediterranean .Yachts can always be chartered from Poros and Aegina.Special arrangements can be made for flights, car rentals and celebrations onboard the yacht.