Windows Vista vs. Windows XP: a Comparison

Windows 8 is the latest operating system recently launched in the market. Microsoft has introduced lots of advanced features like UEFI interface,Features of Windows 8 Articles Hybrid boot, Windows live essential etc to which most of the people are still unknown. In this article I will let you know about these features of Windows 8.Hybrid Boot: Hybrid Boot is introduced in windows 8 to enhance the speed and performance. In the previous version of windows operating system we have options like Hibernate, Sleep to reduce the power consumption in idle state but in Windows 8 Hybrid Boot all the data pertaining to application is stored in hard drive as well as in RAM. So when the again switch on the system the Windows 8 fetches all the data form the OS Kernel. So reduces the time for shutdown as well as startup.Windows To Go: Windows To Go feature which allow you to save your customized windows 8 on a USB drive and you have liberty to use on anyone’s computer. Pre requisite for Windows to go feature are:You must have USB drive capable of supporting Windows to Go features.USB must have free space 32 GB.Charms bar: Charms Bar is a specially designed application which constitutes setting pertaining to the current application. You can access Windows 8 charms bar through two ways:By pressing Key combination of Win + C.By dragging the mouse cursor to the top or bottom right corner of the screen.On the left bottom of the screen Windows 8 shows the current time and date along with the wireless network availability and battery strength. In the right corner of screen a vertical strip is present which contains options like Search, Share, Devices and Settings. Search option is same as in previous windows OS which allows you to search Files, Application, Control Settings. Same search option is present within metro apps for doing the same task. Share option allows you to share all the stuff from your hard drive through mails or via social networks etc. Some of the windows 8 application gives permission to share the stuff pertaining to those apps to share directly to people via internet. Start button is available on the vertical strip to access Start menu. Settings options allow user to tweak some of the settings like Audio, Brightness, Wi-Fi, Power options, Notifications, language etc.Windows Defender: Windows defender was also present in previous version of windows operating system but this time it is equipped with more features to provide unbreached security to your computer. This will protect your computer from Trojans, spywares, malwares etc. Lock Screen: As compare to the previous version of windows operating system Lock screen is changed and it shows the current date, time, windows app 8 notifications. You can even modify the Lock screen of your Windows 8 by editing Local Group policy monitor. You can even set gadgets to show the latest notifications on Windows 8 Lock Screen. In case of Laptops, tablet you will also get current battery status along with the wireless network connectivity. Windows Live Essential tools: In Windows 8 Microsoft has provided Windows Live essential tool. Windows Live tool are the set of essential software which are required to cater needs general needs of users. It contains tools by which a user can share documents, pics, use mails, write blogs. Even they have can store their data on the Skydive. These tools are freely available at Microsoft  in stock windows website, easy to use and reliable.If you have any problem regarding the Windows 8 operating system then you can contact 10855-352-1816 or visit They also provide reliable computer maintenance tools for enhancing the speed and performance of Windows 8 computer system. They also provide online technical support for resolving all computer problems.

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