Surveying and mapping information has made new progress


In late years,Surveying and planning data has gained new headway Articles Yancheng City, Jiangsu Area, studying and planning geographic data regulatory division accountable for top to bottom execute the logical advancement idea, intently around the Jiangsu Territory sound and propelling quick “two significant masterful course of action, immediately take advantage of the chance to move forward, the work consistently gained new headway, ordinarily by the public, common planning Geographic Data Agency and the metropolitan government in acknowledgment. The key outcome is as per the following:

, Planning geographic data and guidelines to work on the sound. Yancheng center around reinforcing the development of nearby regulations and guidelines, has presented a “the Yancheng premise of reviewing and planning results Break Measures for the Organization of the Yancheng government execution of perspectives on reinforcing the city’s planning work” the Yancheng extremely durable study mark care recompense execution subtleties “standardizing records and the board framework, modified 20 looking over and planning regulatory punishment techniques and optional premise, to refine the managerial policing, Satellite mapping oversight and examination, the assortment of work cycles, reviewing and planning geographic data organization has improved constantly.

Second, essential reviewing and planning work gained strong headway. The presentation of the execution of perspectives “on the planning work in the city, clear the city’s districts (urban communities) fundamental studying and planning into the degree of public financial development and social improvement plan and financial plan, center around essential looking over and planning work remembered for the yearly objective evaluation, the foundation of work on the Yancheng premise of planning and reviewing a